First Aid & CPR (OSHA)

Established in 1997, Emergency Services Consultants offers First Aid, CPR, AED and blood borne pathogen courses. Our courses were specifically developed for businesses and industries so that they are prepared if any medical emergencies arise. It's never too late for a business to receive proper First Aid training as it's impossible to predict if and when an emergency will happen.

All of our First Aid and CPR/AED courses have been approved by the National Safety Council and adhere to OSHA 29 CFR 1910.51 First Aid Standards. The First Aid, CPR/AED and blood borne pathogen experts at Emergency Services Consultants have over 30 years working in emergency medical services. Not only are you receiving quality training that will help you handle unexpected emergencies, but you're also learning from proven industry providers.

Our courses are comprehensive, interactive and will provide you with the proper knowledge and training required for administering First Aid and CPR.

First Aid

First Aid training can teach you how to properly respond to a variety of medical emergencies, including:

• Treating burns
• Medical emergencies such as heart attacks or difficulty breathing
• Learning how to handle spinal and neck injuries until medical help can arrive
• Wound and cut procedures
• Learning what to do in the event of a head injury until help arrives
• Minor illnesses and ailments

Without First Aid training, necessary treatment may not be able to be given to the injured person or improper treatment may be given which worsens the injury. Accidents can happen at any time and in any settings; it's important to be prepared.


CPR training teaches you how to appropriately respond to heart attack or breathing emergencies. AED training teaches you how to respond to cardiac emergencies and use automated external defibrillators. CPR/AED training is an essential part of First Aid training.

Blood Borne Pathogens

Any emergency situation where blood is involved runs the risk of blood borne pathogens. Any worker who could potentially be exposed to blood borne pathogens should have the proper training to reduce risk and know how to address the emergency. Emergency Services Consultants can assess your business or industry's risk for being exposed to blood borne pathogens and provide essential training that will help prevent contamination and exposure.

To schedule a First Aid, CPR/AED or blood borne pathogen training course or for more information, contact Emergency Services Consultants.